About Us


We, at The Service Dog Institute know first-hand that service dogs greatly improve the lives of those with special needs, as well as their families. We know because we’ve experienced it ourselves! Here’s a sampling of the things we do:

  • Raise and train service dogs for children, adults and veterans
  • Train the service handler and their families as a  team and place the service dogs in  a loving home
  • Provide ongoing support to families with The Service Dog Institute dogs, to ensure a successful, long-term partnership
  • Strive to maintain the highest standards of training and facilitate healthy relationships between service dogs, their families and communities
  • Educate the public about service dogs and promote better awareness and understanding of their capabilities and the benefits they provide
  • Engage the use of volunteers in The Service Dog Institute activities, including promotion, fundraising, training and maintenance


“That is The Service Dog Institute Difference!”

Whether you have your own dog or need one ours, The Service Dog Institute, is committed to customizing a service dog that is right for you and your needs.  We do not generically train our dogs, but listen to what you need in a service dog.  THAT IS THE SERVICE DOG INSTITUTE DIFFERENCE!


“A parent will do anything to help their child.”  

The Service Dog Institute was founded by families with differently-abled children in 2009.  Who best to know the joys and struggles families experience each day. 

With the assistance of  service dogs, these families believed it gave their child (and their family) a better quality of life and realized the benefits and the gifts they bring. 


“Going beyond to help others.”

While The Service Dog Institute specializes in providing service dogs to children, we have expanded our placement services to now include adults. The Service Dog Institute was approached in 2013 to a train service dog for a young woman and stepped up to the challenge. Today, we have placed a number of service dogs with adults with varying needs.