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Welcome to The Service Dog Institute

The Service Dog Institute (TSDI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those with special needs by providing trained service dogs to boost confidence, provide comfort and perform skilled tasks that enable partners to lead more independent lives.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, we are committed to making the best possible match between a family and dog, extensively training both the family and dog, and providing ongoing support, to ensure a long-term successful partnership. TSDI provides service dogs to Children ages 5-18 years old, Adults, and Veterans with special needs.


CUDDLE Program

C.U.D.D.L.E: COMFORTING, UNCONDITIONALLY, DEVOTED, DOGS (to) LOVE (and)EDUCATE. The CUDDLE program enhances the well-being of the community. The CUDDLE program provides disaster relief aide and assistance officers to go to shelters, public disaster zones, government fatigue areas, healthcare facilities and other areas where moments of crisis have occurred in the upstate and across SC.

With our target being the SC community, Whether it be fire, hurricane or even an individual crisis; these dogs provide amazing comfort to humans. During “down times”, the dogs are available to health care facilities and can be used as therapy dogs to provide comfort.

Dog Trainers Workshop

Every one at Dog Trainers Workshop and The Service Dog Institute is proud of our service dog graduates. Congratulations to Alexander & Ben (Yellow Labrador), Jane & Canyon (Golden Retriever) and Halla & Jerry (Yellow Labrador). We wish you the very best as you gain independence and friendships into the world with your new teammate.

Prisma Health Center for Prosthetics & Orthotics

Meet Bo! He is a 2.5 month old Portuguese Water Dog. When he is old enough he will be trained and certified as a facility dog. He will then work with us in our department. You can follow his growth and progress in training on Instagram @BoTheFacilityDog

Service Dogs We Provide

Mobility/Balance Assistance Dogs, trained to assist with mobility limitations or unsafe movement of a child. The dog can also retrieve objects, open…

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Social Service Dogs, assists someone who has a fear public or social situations or tends to isolate themselves from interactions with…

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Ssig/Behavioral Distraction Dogs, trained to assist a child diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder such as Phelan-McDermid, Pratter-Willi, Angelman or others. …

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Multi-purpose Service Dogs, are specially trained to perform a wide range of tasks and specifically tailored to assist with unique needs.  Public…

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Companion Dogs, have a calm, dependable and affectionate demeanor; providing company to someone who may need a friend.  While highly…

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Therapy/Facility Dogs work with a trained volunteer or professional in one or more locations. These dogs are trained to bring comfort…

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Service Dogs for Veterans, is a program dedicated to our military.  Our Veteran Advocate will work with your to design a…

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How You Can Help

Financial Donations are greatly needed to help with the cost of training. Whether it is a general donation or earmarked…

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Make your coffee count! “Ricky Roast” flavors that come in either classic bagged coffee or 12 count boxed k-cups. For…

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Experienced or in training designers, copywriters, marketers, photographers, filmmakers, and fundraisers are needed to help us raise awareness of The…

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Families to serve as volunteer puppy raisers, providing safe homes for our puppies with plenty of supervision, socialization and lots…

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The Service Dog Institute

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